Ecuador Pre- and Post-Trips to the Galapagos Islands Cruise
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
November 29 and December 07, 2008

November 27-29:
We flew from Houston, Texas to Quito, Ecuador on November 27 and spent three nights at the Hotel Quito. An Afternoon walk through the hotel gardens and around the swiming pool was productive as we saw Great Thrush, Eared Dove, Black-tailed Trainbearer and the Sparkling Violet-Ear. On the 28th we did some sight-seeing around the old town section of Quito. We headed for the Tandayapa Valley on the 29th and the home of Tony and Barbara Nunnery, who host a marvelous hummingbird show.

December 07:
The post-Galapagos Islands trip was to the private reserve of Cerro Blanco near Guayaquile, Ecuador.


Map of Ecuador