JnB Birds - Help

JAVA Scripts are used for various functions in the WEB pages. Please allow them to run on your browser.

On the main page identified by JnB-Birds at the top:

On a catagory page identified by the thumbnail pictures on the left side:

On the Index to Birds Page

The Find a bird on this page button is basically an internet browser "find on this page" function. Because of the way the bird names are arranged, i.e. bird type name and then the specific birds underneath, it is best to enter the bird type name or the specific common name of the bird type, but not both. The specific common name may be repeated under several bird types. Use the "Find Next" button to find the one you want.

For example, if you want to find a Clay-colored Robin, type in either robin or clay-colored. If you type in clay-colored robin, you will get a Not Found result.

If you used the Find Prev button and it does not seem to work, then you have found the first occurance of the item.

The Icon, when left clicked will play the bird call icon to the right of the bird's common name indicates that there is a sound file of the bird's call. Left clicking the icon will play the call. .